So this whole process started sometime in the Fall of ’09.  He decided he was going to apply for OCS.  He has a master’s, should be a snap, right?  Wrong.  Do you have ANY idea how many people apply for OCS?  A lot.

The rejection letter came sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Happy Holidays!  Anyway, he decided that he was just going to enlist.  On a side note, if you hate your recruiter… find a new one.  He went to MEPS about 3 or 4 times always joking that he kept getting a breathalyzer.  He ran almost every day, started watching his weight (he was over), and starting changing eating habits.  He took his ASVAB and something else maybe? He found out he was EWQ or whatever that meant.  He told his recruiter that he wanted to do fire protection and tada, first list that came out had it on there.  It’s in his contract, yes, I checked.

Anyway, he got his ship date sometime in February.  He was set for April 13th.  We decided to get married before boot camp instead of after tech school.  If you’re sure that you want to marry this person and not that 14 year old love where you end up breaking up 2 months later, do it.  It’s worth it.  On April 12th we went to his hotel for check-in.  I got my own separate room because married or not, you can’t stay in their room.  He never went into his own room which caused a small issue later.  The next morning we were up at 5am.  He was at MEPS in the shipper line at some crazy ass hour in the morning.  I went back to the hotel, realized I couldn’t sleep and gave up and just went back to MEPS and sat around and waited (and waited, and waited).  Nothing happened until about 9:30-10 when he hopped by and needed the routing number and account number because he failed to tell me that he needed that information before he went there.  He walked by 3 times, I watched the same thing on CNN for about 3.5 solid hours.  Finally we did something.  We watched the swear-in ceremony and I bawled like a little girl but only because the lady next to me started it.  After that, the had to go sit in some briefing (transportation, I think) and then they fed them lunch.  By them, I mean them.  You don’t get lunch but mine was kind enough to save me some cheetos and half a sandwich.

After lunch, they had another briefing and grabbed their stuff and immediately headed to the buses.  Run, or you’ll miss it you can give them that stupid badge afterwards.  Hug, kiss, cry, SOB.  Everyone cried. There was not a dry eye anywhere near that place and you just cried.  That’s how it goes.  Well, I got some texts on the bus that were interesting.  They all cried too, the entire bus.

I got a text at the airport, then again when he landed.  I got a phone call on the bus to Lackland.  I got a phone call 2 days later with an address.  This phone call involves the pure sound of them being scared to death, shaky and tortured.  Just be aware of this so you’re not shocked, thank god someone told me first.  I’m pretty sure mine gave me the wrong address but whatever, I’m still sending mail.  They’ll find him.

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