When they leave you alone for who knows how long….

This is the point in which you cry.  Then you cry some more, and some more, and you feel like your soul is missing.

You start googling everything Air Force (and I do mean everything).  You plan on buying tickets for graduation and all that stuff involved but you have no idea quite what to do or when you’re supposed to be there.  You decide you’re sleeping on the couch because the bed is empty but surprisingly, you can’t sleep on the couch either.  You listen to the music that he likes, the song you’ve decided for your wedding (or relationship), and you wear his dirty clothes because they smell like him.

Your dog will protest for a few days before returning to semi-normal.  That’s about how long it should take your eating to return to normal and how long it takes to get any grasp on your emotions.  If someone looks at you wrong or even asks about your airman, you just may burst into tears in inopportune places.

You create a countdown until you see him again.  You tell everyone about it, and you start a blog.


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