Almost 2 weeks

So he shipped out on the 13th… it’s the 26th.  I’m pretty sure that the air force not only trains their cadets to be completely cut off from their loved ones but then cuts off their significant other for 2 weeks as some weird type of training exercise.  I swear if I don’t get a letter soon, I’m gonna freak.  Someone said that “no news is good news”  Whatever, I’m done with it.  It’s been 13 days and not a single white envelope from frickin’ Texas, not even his correct address since I know he gave me the wrong one.  Welcome to the annoying freak out.  I need mail.  I need to know that he’s alive and that they didn’t slit his neck when they shaved his head.  I need to know that the shaky sound in his voice the last time I talked to him has eased.  I need to talk to my husband!!!! Argh.  I need to know that he’s still him and that he still loves me.  I miss him and I need to talk to him.  I’ve even started stalking the mailbox waiting for any piece of mail.  This is pathetic.  I need mail!!! OR A PHONE CALL.  good god.


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