40 something days?

I haven’t counted in a few, hell, I haven’t really done much in a few.  I got sick last friday and it’s really holding on tight.  I feel like my energy has been completely drained from my body, even my magic vitamins that make me all hyper aren’t touching it.  I could sleep for many more hours.  Which, in turn, leads to bouts of randomly waking up throughout the night for various reasons.  I’m hot, I’m thirsty, I’m thirsty again, gotta pee.  Each time I wake up, there’s a dream associated with it.  A year ago, I didn’t dream.  Well, I probably did and have never rememebered it.  Never in my life have I a)remembered or at least been aware of this many dreams or b) remembered the sheer number of them.  I used to sleep so rock hard that the running joke was I didn’t dream.  Some people enjoy having dreams because they’re fun or something, I’d prefer not to have them because they confuse me and are really not pleasant, as a matter of fact I miss the fact that I wasn’t dreaming.  I can’t wait for September.  Maybe the dreams will stop when we’re actually back in each other’s presence.  Oh, mail update… nothing.  No DEERS info, no postcard, nothing.  It’s been 2 weeks and I’m still in the dark here.  I’d at least like the DEERS info so that I can go get my ID and my insurance… yup, that’d be nice.  I’ve got some appointments that I’ve needed to make already but haven’t been able to.

Tomorrow’s the big day.  Does he get paid or not? Hah.  We’ll see.  It all depends on how quickly they entered him into the system.  If they got him in on his ship date or even the next day, we’re good… otherwise, we’re waiting for another 15 days.


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