So I may be in debt but I’m doing a great job with it! lol.  His first paycheck wasn’t too bad, I was surprised he even got one and thrilled it was more than 300 bucks.  The one thing saving me right now is that we both contributed to the savings account with out tax checks.  As of today, I have the ability to pay every bill including the normal payment I would make on my engagement ring, both our student loan payments (someone forgot to defer!) and all the other bills and rent for ALL of May.  This isn’t including my 2 paychecks and a bonus and his 2 paychecks (which who knows how much those are gonna be).  I was terrified that once he left I would fall behind on my pay for the entire month of bills before the month starts game but nope, I’m doing okay.  Fantastic.

Yes, go me!

Managing 8 accounts is a pain in the behind though and I can’t wait to consolidate.  I’m looking into the USAA accounts and those seem pretty sweet but that’s still a few months out.  The prospect of free ATM’s is awesome and so is the iPhone deposit app.  I am really partial to my credit union account I have now but they’re definitely not located all over the place and are pretty localized.  I just really like them.  I can’t wait to get rid of his BOA account because they charge fees for everything except check writing basically.  Anyway, I just had to share my incredible planning skills and their ability to prevent certain disaster from happening!  Happy day.

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