Well, somehow he managed to get paid in a different account (but he got paid!).  At MEPS he asked me for the account number and routing number.  I gave it to him.  Somehow, he managed to get paid in a completely different account.  I don’t even know the routing and account number for that one without looking it up.  I have NO IDEA how he got that paycheck in there unless he a) signed his direct deposit form before he shipped which is still sitting on the coffee table or b) somehow got on the internet (at boot camp) into his other account and found the routing/account numbers because the form he filled out at MEPS was lost.  Regardless, this is a pain in the ass.  Plus, I have no access to his LES and can’t see what he was paid for in any way shape or form.  I was also pretty sure that his direct deposit form was in the same envelope as our marriage license (copy), my social security card (copy), and a copy of my D/L.  And if he lost all that as well as the bank account and routing number… I’m officially screwed in the land of identity theft.  Wow… Oh and the radio silence is awesome.  I haven’t received anything (including my DEERS paperwork).  I should have gone to the stupid recruiter with him because now, all hell is kinda breaking loose.  He also didn’t turn in his visitor form before he left for lackland because he didn’t bother to tell me about it.  This is making my brain hurt.

I’m still boggled at how he got paid into his other account.

Oh and AF, it would be nice if they could send home a post-it that says, “Hey wife, I realize you’re waiting for my paycheck but I had it deposited into the account that we don’t share.  I realize that you normally wouldn’t look at that one much less have signing abilities for the checks due to my lack of planning… but please find a way to transfer the funds so you can make my car payment.  Love, Husband”

On a side note, I just realized that rent is due tomorrow.  I wish I had access to his LES because then I’d be able to see what he’s getting paid for.

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