So… I’m crazy lonely.  All I want to do is see him.  Alas, no go.  I’m gaining a roommate next week for a few weeks and I’m kinda nervous about it.  We’re friends and all and I love her to death, I’m just a private person and I can only be depressed at home and would like to be able to do that in private.

Anyway, he left for the AF and is gonna be all buff and hot looking and I’m not going to be the out of shape looking one.  So I’m on a diet and I’ve already been working out since this whole thing started.  I’ve lost about 10 pounds while he managed to lose like 20.  Suck.  Not this time, this time I’m gonna succeed.  I have a cute dress that I’m wearing to graduation and it’s going to look good.  I have a little over a month to get this done with.  Tomorrow is weigh in for week 1.  I’m excited to see if I managed to drop anything in less than a week and then we go week by week.  If I can’t manage to get myself back in shape by the time he’s done with training, I’m gonna be upset with myself.  I have about 3 months until then so here we go!


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