Mail Call

So i finally got a letter and I was so happy I cried.  He’s doing well, his flight is progressing and it’s getting easier.  He’s excited for me to meet all of his new friends and their wives and he’s glad I’m doing okay because he was worried.

Onto other things, these next 30 days are not going to go by fast enough.  The stress of him being gone and having to deal with all of these people while we were broken up randomly popping back into my life since he’s gone is literally making me ill.  I can’t write the letter that I want to write, I can’t even express my emotional roller coaster and the fact that it is speeding off track every few days.  I have these great days and then I have these awful days.  There are days I love that I got married and he’s doing something with his life and there are days when I want a takeback because I am having a hard time dealing with him being gone.  I just wish I could talk to him but I can’t even do that and won’t really be able to for more than 30 days because when we go down for graduation I have to compete with all of his family who are so excited to see him and some of them he hasn’t seen in years.  I can’t interrupt that but I would like just an hour for the 2 of us and that’s not even gonna happen.  I almost wish everyone else would just skip the event and I could go alone.  My mind is racing and I spent this entire weekend listening to the exact same song on repeat and just not dealing well at all.  What a great way to spend the weekend.  There is just so much that I have running though my head I am having a really hard time to deal.

Well, there’s the first phone call, literally as I was typing.  Completely worthless.  I wish I could talk to him for more than 20 seconds. My DEERS info is messed up and now I have to resend my driver’s license to them so that they can get the info straightened out and some bank info was messed up and is now fixed.  That’s it.

Oh Blah! I need to go to bed because this is too much right now.

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