Today sucks

I’m having a meltdown. I have no idea how I’m gonna make it through a deployment. I know that this last month has been really hard and I can’t begin to imagine what the next 3 months are going to be like. How in the hell did I sign up for this? People have said that being a military spouse is one of the toughest things and I never really believed it until now. I have a new respect for all of them than I never did before. They make it through all kinds of stuff and I’m freaking out during boot camp. I better learn to get better at this because right now I’m failing. And now I have to kill my own bugs… I don’t like bugs.
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2 thoughts on “Today sucks

  1. Cheer up girl!! {{{HUGS}}} Take it one hour at a time. Don't focus on the length he is gone just try to do baby steps. You can do it! Getting involved at your new base and finding other military wives will be the best thing you can do. BUT don't give up. Even if you meet some wives that you don't get along with- find different ones.

  2. No friends just yet, no base yet but I'll tell you what.. I can't wait to make it to one where I can make friends or at least fake making friends lol. Instead I'm going to busy myself with zumba classes and going to the gym.

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