I’m a bad blogger.

Alright, what next? It’s been 16 days? So I got a phone call, all 30 seconds or so of it.  I haven’t heard anything since then.  I haven’t gotten any mail (that I know of) or any more phone calls.  What is the point for calling for 30 seconds?!?!  Oh, he told me that my DEERS stuff is all messed up and so is his direct deposit which is fixed now.  I share a house with these people and I haven’t seen any mail in 6 days, which is odd.  But, it’s been raining so I’m going to assume that they didn’t want it to get wet hence the no mail.  I predicted correctly on the weigh-in.  I lost.  And what is their flight doing that is so bad that he can’t call me?!!  Other people get phone calls every week, bullcrap.

The freak-outs have subsided a bit, probably because I have a new roommate.  A friend of mine is couch surfing right now.  So far, no problems.  She even did my dishes! (bonus)  That and I hide my insecurities when I’m not alone.  Regardless, things have been a little better.  Now, I’m planning on hotel rooms and car rentals and such for graduation, I’m so excited about it now.  I’m ready for a vacation and seeing him.  I’m not sure I’m ready for it just yet.  Especially since i’m losing my battle with point counting and my arms are still a little jiggly.
I’m determined to win this battle.  I’ll be lean and mean by the end of this summer.  Take that!
Oh and now I get to argue with the car loan company because we refinanced right before he left and now they need POA forms signed and notarized for him and me.  I can deliver my side but his is a little more difficult.  When you call this specific little (not) company, their middle eastern call reps which I can only assume are Indian or so… do not understand what boot camp is nor do they know what the Air Force is… so I had to explain to them that he joined the military and is training and I have no way to contact him.  They’re gonna put a “note on the account”.  I’d like to be able to speak English to someone and I’d also like to have a POA for him… for me.  lol.  Totally should have done that before he left, epic fail.
I’ll be in TX in 22 days!! yah.

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