Phone Call #2

I got another phone call today!! This one lasted for 11:33 minutes.  I was so excited.  He has strep throat, apparently everyone got sick and then they all got tested and he was black flagged.  He’s been taking antibiotics and it’s beast week.  The only thing he’s missed is PT but he’s got a waiver for it, whatever that means.  I was so happy for that phone call, we got somethings discussed and just got to talk which was nice.  I found out that I am expected (by threat of wingman) to be in church on Sunday.  I don’t do church but whatever, I’ll be there.  He’ll be happy to see me and I’ll be happy to meet his friends.  We’re also tossing the idea of me moving to tech school, I guess.  I looked into it and I’m not sure if it’s gonna be worth moving everything out there and paying the relocation costs on our own.

I realize this part will be a little preemptive, but if I don’t get stationed overseas… I may be a little upset.  I’ve prepared myself mentally for this move and going overseas, probably because I think it would be awesome.  If we get stuck in some stupid state (see: Kansas, Iowa, Wyoming, North Dakota, Colorado, etc.) I’m gonna be hot… and not the good hot.  Send me to JAPAN!! (or Europe)  I’m ready for this game to be over with.  I’m ready to be in texas and with him even with the whole fam-dam-ily.

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