The waiting game.

I know there’s a letter out there for me… where is it?!  lol.  He sent it last week then told me about it on the phone.  I’m sure I won’t hear much from him this week due to the beast and all.  I will be in texas in 2 weeks and i’m stoked.  Now, if only I could get the energy to book the hotel and car.  I’m probably procrastinating because his mom already has rooms booked but I just don’t want to pay for them and the car, well… that’s just laziness.  But, i’ll be sure to tell you how my hotel room was, when I figure out where I’m staying.  I also need to get my GPS that I’ve been telling myself that I’m gonna buy for 2 years.  I got a sweet coupon for best buy since I spend too much money there and they want me to spend more.


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