10 days!!

It’s memorial day weekend and I’ve already made an 8 hour drive, made it back, and taken a 5 hour nap.  I also managed to get my hotel and car reservations finalized.  All that I have left to do is start packing… and clean the house because I can’t find anything around here.

I also bought my GPS that I’ve been telling myself that I would buy forever since renting one is about the same price as buying one.  I got one on sale and that was totally awesome.  I’m the proud owner of a TomTom 🙂

The emotional whirlwind is coming back from a mix of excitement, terror, and everything I’ve been hiding.

Did I mention it’s REALLY hot?  I realize that I’m going to San Antonio soon and it’s even hotter there, but at least the A/C is on!  I live in Indiana.  I’m 6 hours from Canada.  Why is it 92 degrees during the day?!?!?!  It’s not even july yet.  I’m gonna have to get some type of cool air fan because my turbo fan is just whirling around hot air.

My roommate is officially gone to a place that’s hotter than it is here.  That was a really sad moment.

But onto great things… I got another letter last week.  I’m still convinced that he actually likes boot camp.  He ordered pictures in his blues.  He’s so proud of his blues and himself.  He wrote something along the lines of not having integrity and strength as a person before and how his mission is to a) be a couple that makes it and b) make me forget that he’s hurt me in the past.  I’m totally okay with that.  He seems to have made a transformation into his adult self that he was struggling to find in the past.  Me, I’m struggling to keep up with my own chores.  Soon, he’ll be in tech school and we’ll be able to talk.  I need to take his laptop in and figure out why it’s not letting me download and install programs because I need to get him skype.  His cell phone is a whole different story.  It’s not holding a charge, not that it has had the opportunity to charge but it’s dead and we’re not sure it’s going to be able to be resurrected.  I’m going to take my old phone with just in case he needs to switch phones until we can figure it out.

I’m so excited and ready to see him.  I can’t wait… not that I could wait before but then I had to… now, it’s just a matter of days.  It’s what we call “The Barn” and we’re almost done.


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