Ok, I’m gonna go ahead and gloat.  In 6 days I’ll be in Texas.  Now for all of you who have already been there, done that… well, good for you. lol.  Me, this is a new experience.  I’m so ready for this experience to really begin and end all at the same time.  I know what happens after BMT, but I don’t know what happens after Tech School.  I read all this stuff about extra training and such… I don’t know anything about it.  Wanna fill me in?

I received a third letter, I think I said something about it already.  That brings the grand total to 3 phone calls, 3 letters.  I’m not a patient person.  This whole “hurry up and wait” as I’ve heard it put, well, it’s awful.  The dog is still mad at me, she thinks I sent  him away… again.  For the record I’ve never sent him away, sorta.  Anyway, I’ve learned some things about myself since this whole process started.

  1. I hate being alone but I like it all at the same time – there is something about the peace and quiet I enjoy but the loneliness is actually really loud.
  2. I’m a self-proclaimed financial guru… with some serious fund management skills.  Now, it helps that he’s not spending money too but still, I’m rocking these bills.  I’ve always been a control freak, hell, I’ve created an excel spreadsheet detailing the bills, when and how much is due.  Plus, the fact that we’re getting some extra is totally baller.  
  3. Life does indeed go one without him– but that doesn’t mean I want it to.  I would prefer to go through life with him, than without him.
I will say that getting married before he left was pure brilliance.  Random disclaimer, getting married for monetary benefits is stupid.  Getting married because you may as well since you’ve been together since the 12th president took office and reaping financial benefits, brilliant.  My little brother was in the army.  During his last rodeo he got married to some girl he knew from home.  He jumps in with both feet and blindfolded.  Regardless, they got married via double-proxy in Montana.  In case you don’t know what that it is… 2 people get married for you, legally and expensively.  She met someone else whole he was on the second tour and now they’re divorced.  So getting married for money is stupid.  But our situation, while not perfect, works.  I miss him like crazy.
Ok, I’m going to bed this is getting far more difficult to type than it should.  If it’s incoherent I apologize and I may edit…. otherwise good night.

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