It’s Thursday, Okay Thursday?

It’s okay….

  • To volunteer to go to work when you’re just plain bored.
  • To fill the sink up with every intention of doing the dishes and then stare at them and say, “nevermind”.
  • To stare at your clean laundry and swear you’re going to put it away, tomorrow.
  • To lay with the dog on the couch, just because you can.
  • To reread the letters you’ve received, even thought you know what they say, and cry.
  • To annoy your facebook friends with your stupid countdown on going to Texas.
That being said, in a week I’ll already be there.  I haven’t bothered to tell anyone about the tap out at the coin ceremony.  I’m doing it and if they get in my way, it’s on.  I want to be the first person he sees and the first person he hugs.  I’m so excited!  I even volunteered to go into work early tomorrow because I’m so excited.  So, basically I get to work Friday and part of Saturday.  Then clean the car, head north for the fun 4 hour drive home and pull out dress #1 to de-wrinkle.  Sunday is a bridal shower for the bff, you’re looking at the maid (matron?) of honor and the thing I’m looking forward to… a chicken salad sandwich on a croissant (not).  This is so lame.  I love her to death but whatev on this whole wedding thing.
Did I mention that I’ve decided what my re-wedding is going to look like?  Well, sorta.  My bridesmaid dresses are going to be black dresses… pick your style.  I hate bridesmaid dresses.  Well, except maybe this one… I can wear it again and it’s actually cute.  I can shorten it and have a cute tea length dress or leave it long and well, look like a bridesmaid but it’s still cute.  And for how much I paid for it, I’ll be wearing it again. Plus the shoes I got are awesome.  
Well, now that I’ve bored you with wedding details, I’m off.  Only a few more days until I get to see my husband… and his whole family, wooooooooo.

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