So, we have this saying at work.. “We’re in the barn!”  That pretty much signifies that we are about to hit the busiest hour in the banking world and the day is almost done.  Well, I’m in the barn.  I have so much I still need to get done with before I get on a plane on Wednesday heading for San Antonio.  So we’re graduating!  Yah!

My not inclusive task list involves:

  • dog needs bath/nails clipped
  • packing
  • airline check-in (for 3)
  • where am i parking/how am i getting to chicago?
  • update gps
  • double check credit cards
  • find food while there
  • etc. etc. etc.
Needless to say, I have approximately 3 days to get all of this taken care of including 2 tanning sessions, a zumba class, dog grooming, personal grooming re-highlight hair, and driving 12 hours in 4 days.
Today, I am procrastinating driving home for the wedding shower that I am the MOH in and then driving back… that’s about 8 hours in the car.  I’ll be back late sunday so skip that day for anything except maybe tanning and if I can pull it off, maybe I can get my hair done tonight.  Bailey needs a bath, clipped, etc.  I need to be packed BY Tuesday morning and I have to work 9 hours Monday and Tuesday each.  
I better get a move on.

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