Graduation Ceremonies

Wow, what a whirlwind.  We got into SAT on Wednesday and settled into the hotel.  This whole she-bang started on Thursday morning, bright and early.  I believe it was 8am for the Airman’s Run.  We got lucky and they had to double time it back so we got a third run.  We spotted him which was awesome and his brother got a great picture on the double-time back.  Everyone cried, a lot.  His coin ceremony was probably the best thing in the world plus, i videod the song they sang to us. 
That scary monster dude was his MTI.
Graduation was important and all, but thursday really was the best day.  We hung out on base, picked up some swag, ate food, and literally just spent time with each other and the whole fam-dam-ily.  After the coin ceremony, I booked it.  I ran like a maniac, plain and simple and I was the FIRST person he got to see.  Oh, and it was hot, really hot, and really humid on Thursday.
We had a group of 17 for graduation day and 13 for thursday.
Needless to say, everyone’s feelings got hurt at least twice and people started acting like idiots.
We got to see his dorm and meet his wingman (who is AWESOME btw.)  I love this guy already, he’s a much better friend than anyone he’s had in the past.  They shipped together and he’s from Indiana, too.
We went to lunch at Texas Roadhouse with the wingman and his family and hung out by the pool.  We also went to the WNBA game on Friday so that they could stay out later.
Afterwards, they were supposed to take the “shuttle” back that no one had arranged for and we ended up hi-tailing airmen back to base because no one planned anything and they literally do not know how to make a decision yet.  They can talk about it, but no one can actually do it.
I picked him up from base and we went to Cracker Barrel with the fam.  Headed back to the hotel for some quiet time which by the way, if you have a group anything like this… isn’t gonna happen without a presidential order.  Wife or not, you will be fighting for any quiet time that allows you not to be in a large group so that you can cry, because we all know that you want to… i did… for a while.  Good luck with your wife time, getting mine was a struggle and people are pissed off right now.  After b-fast and regrouping we headed to the Riverwalk.  It’s cool, it’s really pretty, there isn’t a whole lot to do there but we still had fun.  I have some great pictures of it.  We also went to the Alamo, only because him and I both insisted on it.  We really like seeing stuff like that but not actually spending a lot of time experiencing it.  After that I went and picked up the wingman and his wife and drove them all back to the base.  Wingman’s family-in-laws went to visit somewhere and they didn’t have a ride, which was 100% okay with me because I got a chance to talk to the wingman’s wife as well as have something that looked like normal time with him and his friends. 
Well, it is sunday.  I slept in and let everyone go to base and hang out (everyone = Mom, Dad, Brother, Brother, and Sister and I think the aunt went too).  I’m heading there in about an hour so that people will stop feeling left out.  We are heading to church around 13:00 (haha) and then his mom is leaving around 2pm.  I’m hanging out until I get kicked off base with the rest of the family and then we leave town tomorrow morning.
Important things to know about San Antonio and Graduation.
  • Nice hotels are nice, but not neccessary.
  • It’s hot… all the time.  But it’s not as bad as Indiana when you realize it’s 94 degrees.
  • Everything is a circle around here… you’ll never know which way you’re going and no i’m not kidding.
  • GPS is 100% important.
  • Lackland hates GPS’s, it’ll make you drive in a circle at least once and just for fun… just be prepared and plan for stuff like that.
  • Someone will get their feelings hurt, just ignore it.
  • Maybe bringing 13 people or more is a tremedously bad idea.
  • Your “Airmen” cannot make decisions… just do it for them, lol.
  • They will eat so much food, so fast that you’ll really start to wonder if they’re okay.  And, they’ll eat food they don’t normally eat.
  • Typing Lackland into your GPS will only get you lost, try Valley Hi and Truemper St.  you go in the perfect gate and it’s so much easier.
  • They’re so handsome and you’re so proud.  They walk faster, stand straighter, don’t care about texting, clean their plates, look groomed, etc.
It was an amazing experience so far and will continue to be.  I’m so happy i went and so not looking forward to 17:30 tonight as they like to do everything 30 minutes before they actually have to.  I’ll get to talk to him soon assuming his cell phone turns back on.  The new plan is that I’ll probably be staying at tech school for a little while so that we can actually spend some time together without all this chaos.

3 thoughts on “Graduation Ceremonies

  1. My fiancee left last week for basic and I've been having a hard time with him being away and not knowing what he's doing or how things will be – your blog is really helping. Thank you so much for posting this and for the tips when we go see graduation.

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