Tech School

Tech School sucks.  So the hubby’s been sent to tech school, he’s being briefed for 10 days before he starts.  He knows it’s going to be tough, he knows they’re gonna kick his butt left and right and he’s ready for the possibility of passing out from dehydration.  He knows.  At the same time he doesn’t know what he’s in for.  This is gonna be tough for him and I know it.  Right now I’m looking for housing at Goodfellow which normally would be easier than it sounds.  I guess San Angelo is kind of a hole in the ground and the sheer cheapness of the apartments scare me.  Basically, I’m moving to Texas.  12 months ago I was this rough, tough, sarcastic, independent person.  Now, I’m this sappy little gummy bear who tears up at the drop of the hat.  I need to be closer to him.  I need out of this town and away from my job, which I hate.  I need to figure out how I’m gonna make this work financially but I’ll figure it out and soon.  I’m ready to go.

I guess there is a possibility for him to leave base and possibly move off base (I’m not holding my breath on the latter).  If I have an apartment, that would be stellar but then I run into trying to find how to get his car out there.

I’m also exhausted which is frickin’ awesome by the way.  I haven’t gotten much sleep in 2 months.  I can’t wait for Sunday.  I can’t wait to be in Texas and even see him once a week.  I need cuddling.  As soon as he starts tech school we get to count down the next 90 some days.


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