Let’s be serious.

Let me preface this with I love my husband.  I couldn’t have married a better guy and I won’t go so far to say that he is perfect… but, I love him.  Now, we have had our issues… some pretty big ones.  In the past I’ve had a hard time trusting people and then I trusted him and he really destroyed that for a little while.  I was so glad when he went to boot camp because he was really cut off from everyone.  We grew as a couple, we got much closer, etc. etc.  But no, we really did.  I love him with all my heart.  The problem is FACEBOOK.

Now, I have my own facebook and he has his own facebook.  The difference between the two is that he’s friends with a LOT of girls, leading to big giant issue that actually broke us up for almost a year.  Not only is he friends but he constantly makes new friends with girls (so, so glad he joined the military).  I married prince charming.  I know, you all wanted to marry him as a child, but it’s really not what it seems.  The downfall with prince charming is that he is constantly trying to save to save the damsel in distress and so is my husband.

It’s really one of the most annoying things in the whole world.  It will also make you neurotic.  We aren’t friends on facebook because then I always get real stalker-ish/crazy.  It’s a weird feeling that I can’t quite control as well as the one feeling that will make you feel incredibly insecure when you are hours away.

I hate his facebook.  I hate the girls he’s friends with (well, except like 3 of them) but I’m also very cautious with the other ones.  Here comes another freak out.  I can feel it.  That’ll be 2 for me in 1 week.  Yah.


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