So first off, I was having a crappy day today.  I’m not sure why, stress mixed with lack of sleep, etc. is probably likely the culprit.  Regardless, I had a crappy day at work, kinda felt like dirt, etc.

He calls me tonight and tells me that he found out his duty station already.  Classes started today for him and his duty station was posted already.

drumroll please….

Minot ND

insert lots of tears.

Of all the states and all the countries, are you kidding me?

I’m learning to scream quieter come to terms with living 55 miles from Canada according to google maps.  I even said before that I would be okay going ANYWHERE but ND.  Well, someone sure hates me.  On the plus side… I’m not sure it gets much colder so everything else is going to be warm.  I’ll calm down, around the time I move to Texas.


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