Getting there…

This week I have packed part of my house, found out I was approved for my lease! (omg, yah!) and gave notice to my current job that I am QUITTING.  Yes!

Only once in my life did I quit my job without another one lined up.  It was rough but I learned an important lesson… I love him.  We have this amazing ability to do absolutely nothing and love every minute of it.

I miss him like crazy.  All I want to do is sleep in a bed next to him… ok, I take that back… there is definitely something else I want.

Anyway.  I got my uhaul trailer and hitch is installed and then managed to get them to drop the price on the uhaul twice! I’m cheap.  I’m not gonna lie.  Oh man, less than 3 weeks and I will get to see my husband.  I’m so excited.

Completely unrelated, I would like you to meet our dog.  Her name is Bailey and she’s a Shar-pei/Basset Hound mix and she is the coolest thing ever. 

Isn’t she adorable?  Yeah, she knows it.

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