It’s 4th weekend!!

I used to despise this weekend because it meant that I would have to work.  Last year, while writing my own schedule and working crazy hours, I didn’t.  We had a great time together.  I told him tonight that I like the 4th of July better than Valentine’s Day.  I think I confused him.

Top 10 reasons the 4th of July is BETTER than Valentine’s Day (in no particular order):

  1. My birthday is 6 days after V-day, much money is spent and stress levels are high.
  2. 4th is casual, no need to dress up.  Family is always happy to cook out.
  3. SUMMER!
  4. You can’t go out to eat on V-day and someone always gets pissed off about dining out.
  5. You never feel like it went well enough, it could always be better.
  6. Fireworks are romantic and you can always cuddle while watching them.
  7. No snow.
  8. Monday is usually a gov’t holiday and I work at a bank!! Long weekend… BONUS.
  9. Grilled FOOD.
  10. No one complains about the 4th of July.

And the only reason V-day is better than the 4th… mosquitoes.

So Happy (early) 4th!  Special thanks to everyone serving and especially those deployed right now.  I’ve got two cousins in A-stan and I try not to think about it even though we’re not very close.

Lastly, C finally got skype.  It was so cool to sit there and talk to him and watch him smile and joke with me.  I heart skype and I recommend it for everyone.


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