I should really be in bed.

Ok it’s 1 something here EDT.  I’m supposed to be asleep, I work tomorrow. 

This weekend was great.  Carter-man turned 2.  Papa turned 75.  Tori’s preggers.  I think I finally got almost all of the stuff out of the house that isn’t going to texas with me except a bit.  I’m sure something will sneak up on me.

I totally move in 12 days.  I have never been so excited in my life.  People around me are having a hard time being sad because I’m so damned excited.  After 26 years in this state… I get to leave.  Oh and did I mention I get to see my husband.  Stoked!

This next week is going to have to have a task list.  I have 2 maybe 3 dinner dates, 2 zumba classes, 40 hours at work, a uhaul to pack on friday, eye appointment, renew the plates, dog needs shots, need to get my transcripts from both of my schools, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum.  Wow.

I really am almost done with this packing part.  I’ll have to do it again, I know.  I also realized that I will get paid approximately (and not fully each time) each week for 4 out of the next 5 weeks.  I also realized that I SHOULD (hopefully, please, please, please) get my bonus on my next paycheck.  It should be about 390 bucks before the gov’t rips it out of my cold, dead hands.

I also realized that my husband is awesome.  I went shopping for A shirt, which turned into 4 shirts. Whoops.  I sent him a picture of one of my new outfits and he loves it.  He thinks it’s gorgeous and so am I.  Man, I love this guy.  I will call him Superman for now on because he acts a little like superman.  Dorky in real life, total stud when needed.  That and I happen to be his kryptonite.  He melts around me, always has.

Onto the military side of this.  I qualify for unemployment since I’m a spouse making a military move (according to mr. vet rep who I don’t really believe).  I will not be holding my breath until then.  Superman ATP’d up.  He gets a briefing on Monday so we’ll know if he can stay with me this weekend or if I just have to give him back at night but regardless, OFF BASE PRIVILIGES! boo yah. I’m probably going to go to base on Monday and talk to Mr. FRO and see what he has to say about my home of record, etc. since it will no longer be my home of record and all of my stuff that’s not making the temporary trip to Tejas is in another time zone.  I hope this guy knows what he’s talking about.

Anyway, I’m totally excited.  Oh, and I totally just paid ALLLLL the bills for the month of JULY.  I am AWESOME, awesome, awesome, awesome.

These are not the lives we’ve imagined for ourselves, they’re better.


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