I need a hobby.

I read these blogs and see all these cool things women do.  I need a craft hobby.  I don’t care if it’s making purses (which is totally cool by the way) or just making t-shirt designs and having people buy them, I need to do something creative.  I think I will search out a craft hobby because we all know that it’s going to be colder than h-e-double hockey sticks in Minot when we get there.

Oh, side  note, Superman has decided that he might not want to take his car to Minot because he’s pretty sure it’s not gonna drive anywhere.  Three weeks ago he wanted to keep the car, before that he wanted to sell the car, then he wanted to keep the car.  He loves that car, hates making payments and drives it like he stole it.

That’s the car… not OUR car… but I stole the image from a wikipedia upload.  That car does NOT drive in the snow.  It’s officially been branded useless.  Awesome.

After the move, I’ll start looking for craft hobbies.


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