On the road.

Here it goes.  We are on the road and we’re in some dingy Super 8 in Strafford, MO.  We’ve gotten here pretty much unscathed minus this awful soreness in my forearms and hands from holding onto the steering wheel.  I’m the driver, and no I will not let my mother drive my car, with my dog, with my stuff, in a uhaul trailer which she’s never driven before.  I may never have driven one prior to this whole experience either but I’m confident in my driving abilities.  Plus, I’m a nervous passenger.  We’ll probably be leaving in about an hour after we repack the SOAKED roof rack and the suit cases.

We hit some pretty nasty storms in East St. Louis that caused flooding on I-70 and I-55.  We literally sat in gridlocked traffic for 45 minutes just creeping on by.  None of the radio stations said anything about it until once just casually mentioned it.  The exchange at I-70 both EB and WB is closed due to flooding.  Ya think?  I wish I could tell you this isn’t exactly what I saw, but after being forced to exit the highway and trying to get on, this is what I drove past:

These pictures were taken by local news outlets but they are on the side of an overpass which was really difficult to cross since everyone was stopped taking pictures and basically be lookie-loo’s.

That stupid blue tow truck actually honked at me and was yelling at me to get out of the way (with my 5×8 uhaul attached).  I guess this is where he was going but he thought he was an ambulance and had control over the road and traffic.  No, he’s just a tow truck who can’t even get into the water… jerk.

Well, the rest of the trip has been uneventful, we aren’t looking at any rain just a heat advisory (shocker).  The dog is taking her first nap of the day and I figure I’ll let her be calm for a little bit before she has to go back in the car and sit for 10 hours with just breaks.  I’m not sure if she knows whats up yet, but we’ll get there. 

Oh, talked to superman last night.  We talked for a little, the squadron is no longer in trouble (thank god).  They had gotten in trouble after showing up for their cleaning party unshaven.  So they’ve been doing open ranks 3-5 times a day.  Finally, everyone passed open ranks today and they passed their room inspection.  Yah!  They also did some type of search and rescue thing but with dummies so he was exhausted when I talked to him and then I called him at like 8:45 and either his roommate was on his phone (which is pretty normal at this point… boooo, because the roommate has like 3 phones and kills the batteries on all of them) or he fell asleep, which is also a distinct possibility.  Whatever, by the time he talks to me today I’ll almost be to Texas.


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