And we’re back!!

So, we’re moved in… mostly settled and most importantly, the dog is calming down.

I got to spend the weekend with Superman and then Monday night.  I really like Texas.  I always knew I would.  I really think I’m a southern kid at heart.  We went to this place called the Midnight Rodeo this last weekend.  It was by far the STRANGEST thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.  They two step and the only two step I’ve seen, does NOT look like that.  It was hilarious and pretty awesome.  I even made Superman dance the cupid shuffle with me.  I missed him.

Anyway, I got some things accomplished that I needed to (file unemployment) and get the clothes put away.  So far being a stay at home wife is interesting.  My new hobbies include laying out at my apartment pool, watching redbox, and going grocery shopping.  The latter of which is both expensive and officially hit the mark of unnecessary because I have enough groceries for like 3 months.  But, if I get raided by hungry firedawg airmen, I’m completely covered.

I really thought that relocating to a new state would be ultimately terrifying and it really wasn’t.  I managed to bite off almost all my nails driving into town from nerves.  I think I got nervous when I entered Texas.  It was either that or the fact that I was driving a u-haul trailer down a dark Texas highway without streetlights.  I’m currently working on my Texas tan (which is turning out awesome by the way).  I’ve never been so golden before, lol.  My best friend would be so proud of me, she threatened me about being pale for her wedding back in good ol’ Indiana next month.

On that note, let’s talk about this whole maid of honor thing… it, sucks.  I moved to Texas because I really wanted to be able to see my husband.  My best friend of like 8 years or so, whatever, was SUPPOSED to have her bachelorette party the weekend before I moved.  Instead, it’s been rescheduled to the weekend before the wedding.  So not only do I now have to figure out how to get home for 11 days, she wants me to bring my SUV.  So, if I drive home… we’re talking 20 hours in the car, with the dog.  Oh wait, I have to figure out how to board the dog if I decide not to take her with.  So let’s see… we’ve got 1100 miles in the car which is approximately 130 bucks each way to drive (if I’m lucky).  Plus, a VERY upset dog in the backseat the whole way who I’m pretty sure is terrified of the car at this point.  Or I can fly for 400 out of San Angelo or 80 out of San Antonio.  I’d really like to kill her.  She’s an interesting version of Bridezilla and i’m not real fond of my best friend right now because she’s demanding that I be there for the bachelorette party which is going to run me at least 80 bucks.  I haven’t seen my husband except for graduation weekend for more than 3 months and now she wants me to skip out on 2 weekends that I can spend with him.  I’m really frustrated with her and more thrilled than ever that I got married at the courthouse and no one was invited.  We were going to do the whole wedding thing again but I’m really thinking that we’re just gonna do the reception instead.  The rest of this is serious bullshit and really takes up way too much time, energy, and money for all involved. 

I remember sitting at a wedding, jealous that I wasn’t a bridesmaid.  I will never have that feeling again, there is nothing special besides getting fed first and it’s ridiculously expensive.  I’m not sure who came up with this barbaric tradition of making your friends shell out money they don’t have, but it’s stupid.


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