Weekend Number 2

Weekend No. 2, done.  I got to spend time babysitting the roommate’s g/f and spending money on them without being reimbursed.  I’m feeling really snarky today so here it goes.  I don’t abuse people or their possessions/cash/etc.  If someone I don’t know does me a favor, I try to pay them back.  I’m also not selfish and when I am, I feel really bad about it.  I wasted half a tank of gas on this crap this weekend and they tried to steal my forks, I think.  Either way, gas isn’t free.  I didn’t volunteer to go pick up anyone from the airport and chauffeur them around all weekend, I was asked to do that of which I said yes, because I’m like that.  I really don’t appreciate selfish people who don’t notice that someone has gone out of their way for someone they don’t even know.

Well, regardless, I met some more of the boys.  There is this fun thing about being here during tech school.  I make friends with the guys fairly easily anyway and we go out.  It’s pretty hilarious to be around.  I’m Mrs. Superman, a few of them actually know my name.  Mr. Superman has this cool wife who lets people come over to the house and watch TV, drink beer, and hang out like normal people… oh and she has a car.  The topic of conversation this morning during formation was how straight my teeth were (braces).  At 6:10 this morning, his group of boys had a serious conversation about my straight teeth…. that’s weird.  But they’ve already found out that I do airport pick-ups and have offered to pay for them, lol.  Too bad I won’t be in town that weekend.

Being in Texas is actually fun, sometimes.  We had a great time at the club this weekend, I met a bunch of people who think I’m really cool for some reason (I’m really not that cool).  But whatever it’s fun.  These guys are hilarious and I’m so much older than them that it is interesting to see this happen all over again.  I’m still waiting on unemployment to kick in.  I think I have enough money saved until it comes through, especially considering that I’ve paid all the bills this month already.  Oh but the fun part that’s about to come, driving back to Indiana and getting my dress altered.  Although, I found an alteration place right outside my apartment and I can literally walk there.

Oh and we had our first married fight.  Yeah, that was totally awesome.  I’d prefer not to do that anymore.


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