So I was doing a survey because I’m really bored and really didn’t have anything to say, until I got to this question.

5. Are you happy? This week?  No.  I’m rather grumpy right now and am ready to kick my husband so hard in the ass that he figures it out.  I’m feeling used and ignored.  It’s really awesome and I’m pretty sure it is really called PMS but the feeling just does not go away.  All I want to do is yell at him for being a jerk, even though he hasn’t actually been a jerk and I’m dwelling on the past.

It’s weird too because it isn’t about anything he’s done.  It’s about things he hasn’t done and just little things.  (insert lame argument here) I hate his facebook picture.  Further, he’s never had a facebook profile picture of the two of us.  Going through his pictures, I think I’m in one of them unless I’ve tagged him in them.  He stole half of mine but only the ones without me in them.  It should really be noted that all of this stuff went down over a year ago.  At that time we were broken up so I shouldn’t really blame him for it.  I’m also angry at him for never putting anything on facebook about me.  Yes, this entire feeling is about facebook.  It’s really lame, i told you.  Oh wait, there are a few other things… I’m really needy right now and him being at school all week and me having too much free time really isn’t helping the situation.  Argh.  Hopefully this feeling goes away soon.  I’m just really bored and lonely right now.  I haven’t really made any real friends yet, just hanging out with the guys.  I keep myself as busy as possible but now I’m controlling everything else in my life like exercise (yah zumba) and back to WW and counting points.  This is exactly the point in this game where I get irritated because the amount of points I have = bird food.  No snacking, nothing with cheese, it really kinda sucks.  This is where I lost twice already.  Whatev.  I’ve gotta go find some more things to do today.


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