Well, I’m supposed to be asleep and supposed to have packed for this fun little roadtrip home.  But I realized something about 2 minutes ago that’s a little disheartening.

When you get married, or in a relationship, you start taking note of every month anniversary.  Our one month anniversary he shipped out.  Our two month anniversary – boot camp.  Three month – same thing, Four month – I was in Indiana, he was in Texas at tech school.  Five month – I’ll be in Indiana.  Six month – Oh look, we’ll be together… it’s his birthday.  Seventh month – moving to ND.  What the crap.  Looks like I’m kinda SOL on this whole game of actually enjoying one month with my husband.  I bet, since I’m one of the unluckiest people on the planet, that on our 1 year, he’ll be deployed.  Oh well, welcome to the Air Force, eh?


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