PCS baby mama drama

So we’re PCS’ing in about 6 weeks, supposedly.  I have no idea what to expect.  It doesn’t help that I’m not near base right now and can’t go to this fun little meeting.  We don’t have orders yet and won’t for another 3 weeks or so.  To make matters worse, we have no children and a dog.  I’m starting to think that we should just do the PCS move without the dog and then come back for her.  I have plenty of family and someone can watch her… I hope.  It looks like we’re going to be in a hotel for a couple weeks and the pet policies include no dogs on furniture (my dog sleeps on the couch and bed), can’t be left unattended (oh eff.), and must be crated if unattended (now, if only I could get her into a crate… which I can’t).  This is awful.  We’ve gotten absolutely no word from our sponsor and were reassigned to a new sponsor.  One of the other guys who’s going in 3 or so weeks hasn’t even heard from the sponsor either.  I’m going stir crazy here and I was going to book a TLF room for 2 weeks, just in case but they don’t take AMEX.  CRAP.  Plus, the off-base housing is NOT pet friendly and god only knows when we’ll get a place.  Tomorrow… if I see my own mom… I’ll ask her about keeping Bailey for a little while until we get settled.  Then I’ll call the step-sister (who is an awesome dog watcher) and ask her if she can help with the dog.  My dog is my child and the thought of moving without her is completely terrifying.

Oh wait, the thought of moving somewhere and being homeless is equally terrifying.  If you’ve got any suggestions (you know who you are, yep.. you).  PLEASE feel FREE to comment.


One thought on “PCS baby mama drama

  1. Hey…I'm about two months behind everything you're going through — we're so similar. Can we exchange emails or facebook? We're similar right down to no children, one dog. Your last blog terrifies me, as well! I can't think to live without Peggy, and I know my Airman (who graduates next Thursday, YAY) wouldn't want to go anywhere without her either!My personal email is melissa.salas@gmail.com. You can find me on Facebook with that too.Good luck,Mel

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