Wedding Drama and the state of Arkansas

Well, the wedding went on.  We looked great, if not 50 percent fully irritated.  I’m over weddings, I’ll never do it again and I’m pretty sure I don’t really have a friend anymore.

Happy things first, I really like the way this dress fit/looked/etc and I love my hair.

 She turned into a selfish monster.  I’m not sure how or when, but it happened and I don’t appreciate it at all.  After the hurtful things she said to me insinuating that my life should have been put on hold until after her wedding, I’m kinda stepping back here.  I’m done.  I hope she enjoys married life and whatever.  I just really wish she’d stop texting me.  Every day since the wedding, minus today… so far, I’ve had to communicate with her about something.  When I didn’t respond to the first two text messages because amazingly enough, I was driving from Indiana to Texas and didn’t really want to text and drive on the highway, she started texting me even more.  At one point I had no service and when I finally did check my phone, I had texts asking me if I was alive and if I had her handkerchief.  The next set of questions involved (the next day) the missing nature of 6 wedding cards.  Apparently there are 6 cards missing, 3 of which were seen by the hovering bride and 3 who wouldn’t “miss out on the giving”.  To me, this suggests, that she compared her guest list to her cards to make sure everyone donated to her fund.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I would have NEVER thought to do something that selfish without help.  She watched them enter to see if they had cards and then made sure they dropped them off.  How did I become friends with a person like this?  I’m just amazed.  Then she proceeded to ask if I had seen anyone near the cards (no), if anyone had handed me cards (no), and did I see anything strange (everyone was drunk and there was another wedding in the building… no).  Third incident thus far involves her tagging everyone in my facebook pictures.  I had 30 emails before I got the stupid notification turned off.  Then she had the audacity to tell me that I should have done it when I uploaded them.  Ya know what?  My life doesn’t revolve around you so KISS MY ASS.  But my hair was REALLY pretty.

Moving on before I have an aneurysm…. the state of Arkansas.  I think I singlehandedly killed 1/3 of the bugs in Arkansas with my front end and windshield.  It’s not a bad state, just a lot of bugs.  The gas is SUPER cheap… the cigarettes, not so much.    Plus, as you reach the Texas state line you’ll start to notice that there are deer hanging out on the side of the road, eating grass and staring at you at midnight.  I never saw one run across the highway, but I saw all 50-75 of them stalking me from the fog line.  You wanna talk about white-knuckled driving?  That’s the state.  Little Rock, AR is quite possible the weirdest city ever.  It’s completely awesome looking in that old-style city charm.  Everything is named after celebrities (presidents, athletes, etc.) that were born there.  They have the biggest pentecostal church that I had ever seen.  It was really 2 churches with a corridor, I think.  The front steps were covered with statues and if the pentecostal faith didn’t freak me out with their tongue-speak, I would probably be happier.  It was beautiful, but semi-creepy.  The city also boasts this really interesting outdoor music venue.  It’s like a mix between a concrete stage and an amphitheater. 

Completely unrelated side note… it’s 86 degrees in San Angelo today.  It’s gorgeous and not ridiculously hot.  It rained forever yesterday and apparently the outcome is an 80 degree day.  Awesome.  I think I’ll be sad to leave here for Minot.  Specifically, I’ll be sad to leave the desert and go back to humidity and mosquitoes.  I think it may have been yesterday that it was 70 degrees and 70 percent humidity.  Ugh.  It’s 29 percent humidity around here and it’s amazing.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Drama and the state of Arkansas

  1. Ha. I must say, I have time to burn and I've stalked your entire blog (almost…maybe), BUT this makes me chuckle. I'm getting married in … 4 days. Ha. I'm very excited, but I've avoided being bridezilla. I let Shey (my fiance) decide on my dress (along with my thoughts of course). I know we're so in tune we would fall in love with the same dress and that we did. =] I love my soon to be hubby. ❤ Aggghhh.Well, I thought this was horrendous. My two best friends in my opinions have been treated like gold. I got the cheapest dresses I could without putting them in garbs and trash wrap. I think they have probably spent just barely over 100 each. Ha. That's including all apparel. I paid for the rest. I love my friends and family. I couldn't imagine being like that, but you'd be amazed the type of selfishness people have.

  2. Hey there! Enjoy the read, I kinda bounce all over the place, especially in the beginning. When's he leave for BMT? If you have any questions and you're not finding the answer to hem, let me know. My email is on the page.

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