Based on the fill-in….

So the hubby hates tuna.  There is absolutely no reason for this.  When he was about 3, his grandmother made him a tuna sandwich.  He walked over to the trash can and proudly proclaimed “this belongs in the garbage”.  He threw his tuna sandwich away and that’s kinda the end of it.  He’s tried eating it, he still doesn’t like it.  He also hates the smell of canned tuna.  So, I don’t eat tuna when he’s around.  Nice thing about him being gone so often, I can eat tuna salad.  I also put tuna in my mac and cheese.  So, in turn, he doesn’t eat my leftovers.  Woot!  I’m not sure if he likes fresh tuna or not, we’ve never tried but I can tell you that canned tuna is a no go.  He hates it… and there is no rhyme or reason for it.


One thought on “Based on the fill-in….

  1. Agggghhhhh! I love tuna in mac and cheese!! But I do something somewhat gross for some..I'll make ramen noodles, throw in some tuna, bit of spice, and a spoonful of mayo. OM NOM NOM NOM. So effin guuuuuuuuuud. Heck…yeah.

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