Epic Fail

So I was kinda holding off this week on posting anything until I went to the TMO briefing.  TMO = Travel Management, these are the people who handle all the paperwork for plane tickets, mileage reimbursement, DITY moves, PCS allowances, etc.  They are very important for getting all your money and money back.

Well, TMO was a bust.  We graduate in 20 (14 class) days and guess what we don’t have yet…. that’s right, orders.  Without that spicy little piece of paper you pretty much can’t do anything.  So we went in so that he could get the signature and such and then head to el briefing.  Well, we had to go in and sit and talk to someone who basically told us that we were idiots and couldn’t even ask the pertinent questions (money).  This was after we were told to go in there and talk to those people, specifically.  BOOOOO.

Argh.  Well, it appears that we will get orders soon (I hope).  He gets a 400lb travel allowance, everything after that isn’t reimbursed from Texas.  We get 5000lbs from Indiana.  We have half a house of stuff here with only a few heavy things but I’m pretty sure well aware we top the 400lb mark.  I really wish I had more to tell you guys or how to navigate this process but someone popped my cloud today and I’m really annoyed and started to get uber-stressed.  And for the record, I don’t appreciate sitting at the same desk and being talked about in the third person.  That guy was a douche and I really hope we don’t have him again.

Oh and on top of all this fun, we have no idea how much leave we’re taking… or when we’re expected to be in Minot.  So the general plan for this graduation stuff is his mom is coming into town the night before and we’re gonna hang out with her and hopefully get her to help me pack some more.  Then we have graduation day and errand running, his mom is pinning him.  Then there is a briefing the next morning way early for me.  Then we have to pack a uhaul trailer and drive it an hour away from here to moving pod because they can’t deliver it here.  Then we go to San Antonio for a few days to visit and hang out but no word yet on how we’re going to handle the dog situation since I haven’t heard from the boarding people.  Then we drive to Indiana.  After that, his dad is coming into town from the west coast to “help us move”.  I’m totally not sure what that means.  We’re putting stuff in a moving pod and I don’t have storage lined up in North Dakota because I don’t need it until November.  Argh.  My head hurts, literally.


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