Excited like a small child on Christmas Eve

I don’t know why but it just hit me.  I am SOOOO excited to move to North Dakota.  I know, I cried the first time I found out where I was going.  But I’ve met all these wonderful women/ladies/whatev online and since I’ve seen the support structure here at goodfellow, I’m excited to go.  I haven’t found anything at GFAB.  I know where the commissary is, the BX, the shopette, the Inn, one of the dining facilities (that I’ve never gone into), a gym, and yeah… that’s pretty much it.  I’ve never found a gym schedule at GFAB and I feel like people are staring at me all the time, well let’s be serious… they are.  This isn’t a community, my apartment complex is more of a community.

Anyway, we graduate in 17 days (YAH YAH YAH) and then we’re hanging out for a few days with his mama.  After that, we’re heading back home and then heading to North FRICKIN’ DAKOTA.  Yes, I’m yelling.  Hell, I’m screaming.  I’m ready to get out of Texas.  I’m over this town and I’m over tech school.  I want to go live my life and stop being in limbo.  I am so, so, so, ready to live in North Dakota.  I love snow, I love fall, I love pretty skies, I love community.  I’m not sure when all of this came together but it happened and I am stoked.  In a month, I’ll be in Minot with my hoodies.  I can put the tank tops away for a while and I won’t have to deal with tech school kids and all that BS anymore.  When I wander around my new base, I hope people will wave.  I hope that I meet people.  I hope I make friends who are here for more than 3 months at a time.  Plus, Minot doesn’t have training classes so none of that crap.  Hooray.  I’m ready to pack up the whole house and get the h-e-double hockey sticks up there.  I know it’s snowy and cold but it’s going to be so pretty and I’ll trade that for boring Indiana or Texas anytime.  Plus, they’re so ACCESSIBLE.  I can find all kinds of things online about this place as opposed to GFAB, they’re like an over-crowded storage unit, nothing is in plain sight.

Hopefully you’ll get as excited as I am when you get your first base or your newest base (or fort, or whatever else they’re called, lol).  They are all what you make of them… I’m just not a fan of this place, lol.


One thought on “Excited like a small child on Christmas Eve

  1. Haha, glad to see you're excited about moving! I have some friends who lived out there (for school) and they loved it. They went hiking and camping all the time and loved being able to get out and about. Good luck with the move!

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