It’s OKAY tuesday

Ok Tuesday is this thing that came from glamour magazine, I think.  Some of the other spouse bloggers do it and I occasionally will when I have something to be angry about.

It is okay….

  • To be pissed at MPS or MPF or whatever it’s called because we haven’t gotten our orders yet and we’re 15 days from graduation.
  • To be pissed at TMO because we can’t go to the DITY briefing without said orders.
  • To be pissed because I can’t make plans without MPS having the orders ready.
  • To be annoyed with my heartburn and existence of possible lactose intolerance.
  • To be ready to pack up everything and get out of Texas
  • To want cool weather, pumpkin spice latte’s, hoodies, and my ugg boots.
  • To be annoyed with the undrinkability of San Angelo water.
  • To be annoyed with being dehydrated from dry air and heat all the time.
  • To be excited that there are only 2 more academic days left.  (No more study groups!)
  • Oh and to be annoyed with MPS over the fact that I’m paying an extra month of rent because THEY SUCK.

Like I said, it’s okay Tuesday.

The worst part about this orders thing is that the classes in front of the hubs doesn’t have their orders yet either.  There is some speculation that everyone is going to be stuck here after graduation trying to finish up out-processing.  MPS is messing up everyone, I don’t know what they do or what they don’t do but I would really like to finish all of this sooner than later.  In the normal world productivity like this would be uncalled for and punishable.  I am no longer in the real world.  I’m in military world and normal productivity rules do not apply.  I’m just amazed, appalled, and unsurprised simultaneously.  To assume that people who are NEW to the military mostly and have never done this whole PCS thing can plan a move in less than 10 days is insane.  It would be different if I had done this before but alas I’m a newbie.  Tonight is going to involve wine and unhealthy little spinach savorings.  That’ll make me feel better.


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