Another Stick in the Spokes

Alright, countdown to graduation.  T-minus 7 days.  His mom is coming down for graduation so I get to pick her up at the airport.  He’s done the day after graduation after an AM briefing.  I’m not ready to move yet, I’m not done packing and all that great stuff just yet but I’ve been cleaning the apartment for two reasons.  First, the MIL is coming lol.  Second, we’re moving out.  I hate the moving part but whatever, it’s life.

Here comes the stick…

She is going to San Antonio after her trip here.  That’s 3.5-4 hour drive from here.  We’ve been invited to go to San Antonio too and get dinner, crash there for the night, and then drive back the next day.  She wants us to drive her to San Antonio… she’s offered to hop a flight but she really wants us to go to San Antonio with her and the flight would just be ridiculous.  So on top of the 20+ hour drive (plus trailer) we’re adding another 8 hours.  Argh.  I would really like to go and all but for a day, with the dog, and I have no idea where we’d stay… that doesn’t sound like too much fun.  Plus, we’re talking 2 days before move out.  Like the dog isn’t going to be stressed out enough.  So most likely we’ll be going to San Antonio two days before we move out of the apartment.  I never win and I don’t care enough to put up a fight about it.  I’d just like to pack the u-haul and get the h-e-double hockey sticks out of dodge as quickly as possible.

Update on the orders?  HAH.. still don’t have them.  Yah!  The class that graduates the beginning of next week also does not have them yet.  Apparently they come from that fun city that i’ll most likely be making a road trip to before moving and they’re backed up.  The biggest problem with all of this is that I need those to adjust moving cube times, get on the housing waitlist, and more importantly, go to the briefing that requires the orders.  The briefing is for DITY moves and apparently you need your orders to do that one so that you can get paid for the move.  That’s the important part at this point.  I’m gonna laugh if we are stuck here after graduation to finish out-processing.  Ridiculous.

So basically the stress is starting to get to me in weird ways.  My sleep schedule is completely messed up.  This is probably the most messed up ever short of working nights.  I’m not going to bed until 9-10am and stuff and that is absolutely not good.  I’m not even tired until then usually and even with getting 6 hours of sleep, I’m still awake for a long time for no apparent reason.  Hopefully tonight will not be the same.

On a HAPPY note, I got my first pumpkin spice latte of the season today! YAH YAH YAH! lol and signed up for a fall favorites swap over at Flip Flops and Combat Boots.  Basically it’s like a secret santa of random people who all read the same blog.  You get a package in the mail of cute stuff (hopefully).

I hope your week is going better than mine lol.


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