Guess what we got today?!?!?! That’s right, the ORDERS.

Finally, we have that ever important piece of paper that lets me break my lease and go to a dity briefing.  First stop with the orders was the apartment complex.  Second stop will be me and the housing office tomorrow morning.  He also got to talk to his sponsor today, nothing special on that front.

Random warning about orders, they aren’t in English.  They’re in Military (duh) except I STILL can’t interpret all of them, even with teh interwebz.  I have no idea what these things say short of destination, his name, my name, and length of PCS.  I’m pretty sure then length thing isn’t set in stone, we’re set for 24 months I guess but I don’t really know what theat means.  I’ll be running them in front of my ex-Army now Army Nat’l Guard and ask him to translate what I haven’t figured out by them.

Here comes the final push.  I’ve got 10 days to get the house packed and cleaned (as of now).  He doesn’t want to use all of his leave so that date may change.  I basically better get started eh?  Glad I didn’t bring much to Texas.  I’m thinking we’re probably going to start heading to ND on Oct. 10th. but who knows anymore.  I’ll know more at the DITY briefing and seeing if we’re going to get any travel days to get back to Indiana.  If we get the travel days back to Indiana, we may be there for an extra couple days.  If we don’t get travel days up to ND, we’ll be leaving sooner than later.  Are you guys ready for this because it’s about to get crazy, I know I am!  Oh wait, it’s been crazy!! So excited for the orders.  We’re almost done here and that’s awesome.  I’m over Texas, ready to go somewhere cooler.


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