Stressed to the MAXXXXXX

Five good things…

  1. We have on-base lodging for 2 weeks reserved, confirmed, check.
  2. Uhaul is reserved, confirmed, check.
  3. Relocube is reserved, confirmed, no double check just yet.
  4. M-I-L will be here tomorrow and is going to help me clean and pack.
  5. I am partially packed

Five okay things…

  1. We are scheduled for the DITY move briefing on Wednesday.  We were scheduled today and Wednesday but they moved his folder to Wednesday.
  2. We are almost out of food in the fridge.
  3. I lost the orders, then found the orders.
  4. We have definitive dates of when we’ll be home.
  5. He has not gotten all of his stuff out of the dorm room yet.

Five bad things…

  1. Since we received our orders LAST THURSDAY, we can’t get an advance.  Oh holy EFF.  I’m not sure how this whole funding process is going to work.
  2. We don’t have a room to stay in when we arrive… I’ll find one.
  3. The dog is persona-non-grata at TFL, plans stay… she’s being left behind until we have an address.

Yes, I’m screaming.  Every now and then I have to.  He’s so effin lazy at this point that he’s excited that his mom is coming so that he can do LESS.  I’ll kill him but then I’ll be homeless in ND.  He knows that this whole thing stresses me out but alas, he’s not doing anything.  Instead, we watched Monday Night Football.  Don’t get me wrong, I like football.  I love the Bears.  But seriously, we were only gonna watch the beginning and I could really use help packing and cleaning.  I’m so close to kicking his ass and calling it a week.  Oh and for the record, 1/3 of our stuff is here in TX.  The rest is in my mom’s house and dad’s garage.  I PACKED it and I MOVED it, alone.  Jerkface.

I also have new followers!  Hi!!  If you haven’t caught up yet, I’m in the process of my first PCS from tech school to the new duty station (Minot, ND).  My hubs is a pain in my ass right now and I’m stressed, I apologize.


3 thoughts on “Stressed to the MAXXXXXX

  1. I shouldnt smile but you just confirmed why I DO NOT DITY move. Your husband and mine must have been chizzled from the same branch. Im so sorry hun. Good luck, PCSing SUCKS!

  2. It's totally ok to smile. I was crazy enough to do it. It was my choice. Thanks for all the well wishing, we're just about home (3 hours). He ended up packing the trailer and doing most of the cleaning, yah! Now, he's driving (bonus). Not gonna lie, I like money and that's why we did it.

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