Tricare crap

Preface: I’m in the car on my cell phone using swype. Apologies for any typos.

In july I called my doc because I needed an annual female exam. Told them I had tricare standard, asked them if it was covered or did I need to call tricare. They said totally covered, they do this all the time. So I go to the fun appointment. I don’t hate them I just don’t particularly like them. I have a new nurse practitioner, whatev. She does the exam and after tells me that she’s throwing in an hpv test (normal) and a chylmydia test since I’m in the active age group. I live in a college town, fair enough, thanks for looking out for me but not necessary. I told her that I had a new insurance, as indicated on chart. She looks at it and says no problem it’s covered.

Hahaha, right. I get a phone call today from the lab (hospital) that handled the test and they want to set up a payment plan for 252 bucks. What?

Kiss my ass. Now I get to call tricare and ask them a billion questions about this. I told her I didnt need it, either one. She did it anyway. I’m actually surprised she told me anyway. Good thing I’ll be in town to stop by and demand answers. I never scheduled an annual plus std screen, I scheduled an annual.

I even asked if there was a co-pay. They said no, everything was covered by my great insurance. I even asked if they were sure. Then they looked at me like I was an alien.

I wonder if this would have been handled differently if the tests would have came back abnormal or positive?

I’m sure most of you have the same insurance as me… Don’t let those bitches do this to you. If I wanted an std test I could have gotten one for a hell of a lot cheaper or even free from the health department.

To be continued… Argh.

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