The Cheese Castle

I’m making this quick, he’s throwing pillows at me telling me to get my butt up.

We’re in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  And if you read the title to this piece and got confused, there is a Cheese Castle in Wisconsin.  We stayed here last night and had a blast at the hotel bar.  Who would have known that chocolate martini’s would taste just like mudslides?!?! I’m totally in love.  Anyway, we’re heading out in a few (as soon as I get up) and next stop will be Minot AFB, ND!  We’ve got a friend there and we’re gonna stay there tonight.  We’re totally almost there, this is really exciting.  Oh and the coolest part is that my new phone (Samsung Captivate – love,love,love) had a tripadvisor app that I installed on it.  Guess who booked a bargain on a hotel room at a rest stop in Wisconsin? That’s right… me.  I’m super stoked about my skills.

Anyway, I better get moving or he may leave me here.  Too bad I have the GPS, MUAHAHAHA.

Safe travels everyone.  We’ve got about 10 hours today.


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