Only the best come north…..

Ok, we are officially here.  We’ve checked our status on the housing list, not good.  We’ve met with the housing dude… about as helpful as he could be.  We’ve checked into our temp. lodging (pretty frickin’ sweet). 

Anyway, we’ve made it.  I don’t know if any of you have ever seen the TV show Northern Exposure but that’s what it reminds me of, minus that moose that wanders around in the beginning.  It’s not a bad big little town.  It’s just a little odd.  As a matter of fact, the whole state is odd.  I haven’t made my decision yet but I’m sure it’ll be okay, I’ll survive.  I’m sure I’ll even have some fun.

We went to the BX and commissary today.  I was impressed.  After being at Goodfellow this place is huge.  The major upside to Goodfellow… finding somewhere to live was MUCH easier.  The dog is in Indiana and the wonderful folks of Minot (who are oddly friendly) LOVE the military.  I use the term, love, loosely.  This whole place is a clusterf*** of military, oil, and college.  The vacancy rate on apartments is less than 1% and it appears that the decent apartments are RIDICULOUSLY overpriced.  I lived in a college town, we had a lot of apartments.  This town has damn near nothing.  I’m really terrified to actually start looking (tomorrow).  I’m afraid I’m going to walk into this absolute dumps.  Moving to this base, specifically, as a married airman is really difficult.

I know this whole post is disjointed but mainly I wanted to say that I’m alive and we’re here.  I haven’t decided how I feel about this state yet.  I’m really trying to like it and be positive in case any of you get sent here.  What it really boils down to is that I’m incredibly pissed off at the AF right now.  We really have nowhere to live right now, we’re about 3.5 months down on the wait list and the shortest apartment lease you can get is 6 months.  They claim they’ll save a house for you but what the hell ever.  This town is decent, the snow terrifies me, and I REALLY don’t want to live off base.  Finding an apartment is incredibly difficult and we don’t even have money for the security deposit because GOD FORBID we got the orders in a timely fashion so that we could get an advance and subsequently weren’t maxed COMPLETELY out now from their inability to be even remotely effin efficient.

On the plus side, I have yet to cry because the dog is gone and this whole thing is a mess.  It could be a hell of a lot worse.  I know some people who may have brought a bunch of trouble on themselves but are still freaking out because it’s just a mess.  Hopefully we’ll get the travel entitlements soon… we signed papers for it today.  Then we can get an apartment for the next 6 months and stop dealing with all this crap.

Anyway, everything is really calm right now which is nice but probably because I’m avoiding dealing with some things… such as the fact that my relocubes are sitting outside of the Fargo ABF instead of being inside like they are supposed to be.  I’m calling someone tomorrow and we’re going to have a conversation about this crap.

Thanks for letting me vent.


4 thoughts on “Only the best come north…..

  1. Aw girl hang in there! I know its stressful but it all works out! As far as the deposit…talk to the apartment complexes…a lot of the time because your military they wont make you pay it, or atleast all of it anyways. And as for the 6 months thing…you can get out of that. The military clause allows for that. My husband and I signed a one year contract at our apartment in May and in August when we decided to live on base his first sgt. wrote a letter stating he needed to live on base and we got out of it, and didnt have to pay for anything. Just make sure whatever you do, you dont put YOUR name on the lease. Only put your husbands or the military clause wont work because you will be on there. Basically long story short, dont stress it will all work out 🙂

  2. I wish I could say that you're right. Minot is in this weird boom of residents. They found oil to the west and it's insane. In any normal town I could get out a lease and not have to worry about it but apparently this town is not normal. Their military clauses only allow for moving out of town, not moving onto base. The property management companies don't care who you are, where you want to live or anything. By "loving" the military, they are literally the first to get on the internet and see what the BAH and pay rates are every year so they can jack up their rent. No one in this town lets you out of the security deposit because you're military. You can't even sign the lease until you have the security deposit which means that someone can come in at any point and take your apartment. You're right though, it'll all work out. I just feel like I left the United States and all the normalcy I've had in both Indiana and Texas and traded it for this insane game of screw the military. In the beginning I used to say, "Anywhere buy North Dakota." I'm pretty sure the AF hates me. This town is just nothing that I'm used to and in a business setting, they're so greedy but oddly polite at the same time. This is going to be the most expensive 1 bedroom apartment, and smallest, that we've ever lived in. Anyway, thanks for the comment. It will work out, I'm just NOT happy right now. Oh and every time I turn my TV on in temporary housing, it goes to HGTV… which is getting annoying.

  3. Yuck, I hope things start looking up for you soon. I'm prejudiced because I grew up here but I love the state, even though housing is more expensive than other states because we never went through the burst housing bubble and recession that the rest of the country did. The snow isn't as bad as everyone says, you get used to it :)! Good luck and I hope you find a place soon!

  4. Good luck in the hunt!!! You'd be surprised what might be there. Totally different situation but I had an "agent" show me around when I moved to Cincinnati multiple years ago. They showed me all these great little apartments I never would've found. Glad you're there safe & sound.

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