Moving on up.. to the sky.

I have very little to say except that we’ve been in Minot 9 days and we’ve moved up 19 spots on the housing wait-list.  We started at 168, we’re officially (on paper that is) 149!

Take that Minot!  Looks like I better save my 200 bucks to break my lease.  Oh, and I got to tell my mom who is babysitting my dog-er (sounds like daughter) that it was gonna be a few months.  She seemed to take it okay.  The dog is doing just fine, she’s being babysat by my aunt this weekend while the fam closes up the lake house.

While the hubs and I were driving here, we both took pictures in separate cars of the first sunset we saw in North Dakota, it was absolutely gorgeous.  I personally can’t wait for summer around here and all the sunflowers.


2 thoughts on “Moving on up.. to the sky.

  1. Yup, you are right! We are at the same base. 🙂 Sorry to hear that you've had to learn about Minot the hard way- at least in regards to housing. It REALLY sucks to rent here. My first apartment was nice but our current house is crap…which is why we're moving to base at last. Anyway, you should email me so that we can chat more! My email is TTYS!

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