Snow, what? WEEEEE.


Yeah, it’s real. No, I’ve never been in one before. Yes, it’s cool.

I think I’ve found a suitable explanation for it: high winds and some snow. This is weird because blizzard to me really means feet of snow, stuck in house, stock up on groceries, no work, did I mention a lot of snow? I guess it’s different in Canada North Dakota.

So it looks like we’re moving into the apartment this weekend, we’re driving to Fargo on Saturday to go pick up the rest of our stuff.  We’ve got a halloween party this weekend with the fire boys and wives.  It’s gonna be a crazy weekend.  Next week is FTAC (define: class that introduces first term airmen to the Air Force, including discussing STI’s) so we’ve got a semi-normal schedule and me making dinner more often than normal but at least he can help me unpack!! haha.  Superman hates unpacking, but he hates packing even more.

Onto the important things in life.  Travel money and moving money.

Apparently, if you fly home from Tech School they decide which one costs less to reimburse you for… a one way plane ticket or mileage when driving to your first duty station.  I haven’t quite figured out how all these kinks work and am not really sure I care too much except to share that information with you.  I can tell you this, either someone did NOT do their out-processing from Tech properly, or they did something very wrong, or the AF screwed him.  I’m going #1 and #3.

Here’s the situation, Robin flies home from tech school and then drives to first duty station.  He gets the appropriate weigh tickets for his PCS, good to go.  He drives to duty station and while in-processing talks to finance.  Since he flew home and then drove to base, they only pay for one mode of transportation.  If you’re traveling to Alaska or something, that’s probably not a bad idea but for those of us who generally have cars, uh oh.  So I was talking to Robin one day and asked him about finance because he incessantly complains about being broke.  Apparently, since he flew from tech school and drove to base, the AF pays for the cheaper travel of the two.  Which is NOT flying.  If you’re flying you’re authorized that one travel day.  You don’t get the multiple per diems (I’m not sure if he even got one).  So basically, he totally got shafted.  I didn’t know this prior to the whole thing but after tech school graduation you should probably just drive home.  You may actually make more money off the situation even if you rent a car to drive home… don’t you want to be at tech school graduation anyway?  It’s fun and you get to see their training grounds, plus meet all their new friends.

I finally found the travel voucher and I’ll save you the figures, you can look them up at that website I posted a couple days ago.  But here it goes… we got the DLA and per diems for both of us as well as mileage.  My figures were calculated as a separate move so instead of the 80 some dollar per diem, I got the full one.  My numbers came from the HOR (home of record) zip code to the duty station.  You’re allotted 350 miles/day.  Take the mileage then divide by 350, that’s how many travel days you get (this works for both you and the other one if you’ve got one) then multiply by the per diem, tada! per diem pay.  Then take your mileage from the HOR to base and multiply by some really crappy rate, that’s your mileage reimbursement (currently .165/mi).  Rinse and repeat for SO.  Add together, add the DLA if you’ve got one and sum it all up.  Then look at him and tell him to RUN to finance, no walking, run… “hell, I’ll even drive you” works too.   Chances are if this is your first PCS, you’re probably broke by now.  Then, they tell you 7-10 business days to get your money, it took us 4 and you’ll get an email the day before telling you what you’re getting.

We also went to TMO… I don’t understand that process but I’m sure that they will be more than happy to send us a statement telling us what exactly they decided to pay us.  It’s supposed to be by weight but they asked for moving supplies (like trucks, etc.) and gas receipts.  So who really knows.  They said it would take 2-3 weeks, I wonder if that means 7 days.  That would be super awesome.


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