Shameless advertising in lieu of free stuff.

Since we are not going to be home for Christmas and Thanksgiving this year, I’ve decided that I’m sending out Christmas cards.  There is a girl on base who will take pictures for you but ya know what?  I’m gonna do it myself.  If I can make it happen, I’m going to do a split card since we don’t have a family picture.  Sure, there are pictures of me and superman but we don’t have one with the dog.  So to get all of us on one card, I’m going to have to put 2 pictures on there.  I’m thinking that we may do black and white or if I can figure out how to do those cool little things where you make a color pop out, I’ve got a great picture of the 2 of us at tech graduation in front of a fire truck and he’s in uniform.  Anyway, onto the shameless advertising in lieu of free stuff….

Shutterfly is giving away 50 free holiday cards… if you blog about them.  DEAL!

I’ve never used them before but I’ve heard of them.  They have a TON of card designs too (not just Christmas).

It’s a cool website because you can sort the results by type and color, price, etc.  I’m personally a fan of the postcard cards.  Mainly because then I don’t have to sign them!  HAH!  Plus, this is my first Christmas away from home so I’m sure they would love to have a picture of us.

So far my favorites are


They have some other cards to like holiday story cards:

And if you’re not a Christmas celebrater, they have Hanukkah too.

Better yet, if you want 50 free holiday cards:

Bloggers! Receive 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly   

/end shameless plugging for free stuff 🙂


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