Almost out of Temporary Lodging

Well, I’ve got the u-haul reserved.  I’ve got arms to carry things.  I’ve got gas for my car.  I’ve got 2.5 willing road trip mates who are more than willing to drive 4 hours to go get our stuff out of relo-cubes, put them in a u-haul truck and drive another 4 hours.  All of this to take place before the corn maze and all the Halloween festivities we are supposed to ALL partake in. Better yet, they all work the day before.  I’m literally picking all of them up from work and they’re going with.  And I get to move out of here on Saturday… I think.  Hopefully the apartment will be ready for us by then. CRAZY but I can’t wait to pay much less in rent.

You know what else is crazy?  The amount of times I’ve updated my blog this month.  I’m not sure if I have a lot to say or I’m really bored.  I think it’s that I like knowing people are reading this and you’re getting so good at leaving comments! I love them.  I even like the one I occasionally get asking me to change my blog name and give my web address to someone else (weird….).

It’s colder than Hades here today and the ice is pretty ugly.  It’s currently 26 degrees and feels like 19 but the cold bite actually feels worse than it did this morning when it was MUCH colder.  Superman’s supercar is still grounded.  It’ll probably remain that way for a few days.  As we speak, he’s in the bedroom reading his nook (the barnes and noble ebook gadget) and I’m blogging and reading all of your blogs.  He’s much calmer now that we’ve looked at a new car for him and actually found one that wasn’t super expensive and within the budget.  Regardless, I’m the one that’s getting antsy.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, recently, or ever but I am currently unemployed.  When I moved to Texas, I quit my job and just haven’t gotten a new one yet because honestly, what was the point?  At this point, there is a part of me that REALLY wants to go back to work and the other part isn’t interested until we actually get real housing and I get the dog out here.  Maybe it’s because i know that finding a job won’t be difficult at all in this town/base/state or because I’m getting bored.  Again, bored is a common theme.  I was going to start taking CNA classes so that I could start nursing school but I got an e-mail two days ago telling me there was room, it starts on Monday, and oh, yeah, they’re $605.  Let me just take that out of my non-existent savings account.  To attend nursing school in ND, you have to be a licensed CNA in the state.  That could also be a job….

Anyway, I’ve got some leads and I really just need to put together a resume, cover letter (man, I hate those things), and references.  Oh and the ambition and desire to actually work.  Heck, I could probably get 2 jobs honestly.  I really have nothing going on.  I almost want to serve again.  I haven’t done that in like 4 years but this town could really use to decent servers.  That’s a super idea.  Plus, I don’t have anything to do while he’s at work 3-4 days a week and could still work while he’s at home.  I’m running out of things to do in the town, besides move.. constantly.

Oh wait, last thing since I’m running out of endurance… we checked the housing list today, 138!  We moved another 10.  (insert WTF story) We went to the commissary (I love that place, even if it is nuts) and when we left there was this woman trying to back out.  The parking lot was packed and this poor lady was literally just trying to go home.  Well, I’ve learned to pay attention in parking lots otherwise you may get hit (duh).  The cart pusher guy and some A1C were taking out tons of groceries and were either not paying attention or thought (the A1C) they were more important than anyone else.  They walked behind her car, with her reverse lights on, moving.  She almost clipped the A1C.  The bag guy looked a little startled and the A1C didn’t even seem phased by the possibility that he about lost a hip.  I’m pretty sure he literally walked behind a moving care after he saw it.  That poor woman almost had a heart attack and the two of us standing there waiting for her to back out probably didn’t help the fear factor.  She looked terrified when she noticed us but we smiled at her, she breathed, and kept on going but not after death-glaring the A1C who was already death-glaring her.  Adventures in the commissary parking lot… I’ve got to learn to park further back and not near all the crazy people.


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