redirected rage

For the record, I’m still angry with the Air Force.  But we spent the weekend moving our stuff from Fargo over the the new apartment.  Superman and Robin unloaded most of the U-Haul for me since I’m anemic and lacking in the energy department right now.  I have my cable appointment and furniture appointments set up for the week.  The bathroom is done, the kitchen is done and now I get to tackle the living room and bedroom which are complete disasters.  Right now I’m sharking internet from the starbucks parking lot because I don’t feel like going in.

My redirected rage is at the Indiana Unemployment website right now.  Regardless of the strength of my internet connection, it is failing to function properly.  For those of you who don’t know, Indiana lets you file for unemployment if you have to relocate with your spouse to another state (booyah).  That creates one less stress of serious job hunting right now.  BUT their website SUCKS right now.  I’ve been trying to access it for 2 days now and today I was finally able to actually login to it.  I have yet to complete my voucher because it keeps running in to errors.  So a big eff you to Indiana right now.  As I’m typing this entire blog, it’s loading.  Granted, I am a fairly quick typer but I’m also stealing broadband internet so I’m a little confused.  Indiana can kiss my ass right now.

As for my apartment, it’s smaller than my apartment in Texas (the kitchen is bigger!)  I’ve got stuff ALL over the place right now.  Today we are taking the uhaul back to Bismarck even though I swear the U-haul guy on the phone told me that I was returning in Minot.  Whatever.  The next few days while Superman is in FTAC will be me putting the house together.  I think I’m going to run out of storage space, lol.  All I can hope for is that housing calls sooner than later and tells us that we are good to go.

On that note, I miss my dog like crazy.  I’m sure you’re all fed up with my dog talk but every halloween I dress her up in a costume.  It dawned on me yesterday when we were at Pizza Hut (nom nom nom I ❤ PH) that she was going to get trick or treaters this year for the first time.  I’m sad that I missed it.  She’s never had an abundant amount of tricker treaters (less than 10) and this year she was going to get more than normal.  I hope she had a blast.  Well, I’m done.. guess what webpage is still “Loading”.  Epic Fail Indiana, Epic Fail.


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