Back to the real world… sorta

Ok, I fully promise on catching up on all my blogging in the next few days.  I finally have internet (and cable + DVR!!).

Updates from the past couple days…

  1. Tricare called the billing company who thinks they’re sending me to collections and basically told them they were stupid and to resubmit the claim with the proper coding.  When I tried that, I got nowhere.  When they tried that, they said okay!  HOORAY!
  2. You know that unemployment website I was so mad at, it works again!  HOORAY!
  3. We went grocery shopping and for some reason it always amazes me how much you can get at the commissary for as cheap as you can!  Turkey bologna for a dollar, boo yah.
  4. I got my Secret Santa swap partner from Wife of a Sailor
  5. Went into TMO yesterday to add to the travel voucher and found out that idiot who did it last time messed the whole thing up.  Or as the kid in TMO called it… “effed”.  I laughed so hard.  We redid ALL The TMO vouchers and now we’re waiting 2-3 weeks for money for that crap.
  6. Heading to Finance today to drop of the TLE paperwork, they’re operating on 3-5 days!  Hooray.
  7. Called Housing, we’re 131 now!  Hooray.
  8. Oh and SHUTTERFLY, sent me my code for 50 free christmas cards!! YAH!!

As for life, I’ve been unpacking my life into this stupid temporary apartment that is actually pretty decent.  Then, I’ll get to move to another house eventually.   We’ve been invited to Thanksgiving with some of the guys from the firehouse and a friend invited me too.  We’re deferring to the fire house since they’re his work buddies but I figure i’ll go harass my new friend after that.  I went out on Halloween weekend and Superman was Waldo.  We thought it was funny until we got to hear “I Found YOU!” 3 gazillion times.  OMFG.  I seriously about lost it, especially when the drunk, trashy college girls who thought they were dressed skanky but they’ve never seen anything until they go to the midwest for Halloween came up and were literally holding on to him.  I’ll admit, I’m a jealous person.  I was also not real happy in the first place (more in a minute).  I about punched a lady bug in the forehead.  Also, Waldo is a very popular costume in North Dakota.

I dressed up like a JAP.  Not japanese… Jewish American Princess (attending a midwest university for college).  No one understood my costume but the second I put it on my facebook, my home people knew right away. But, where I went to school this is pretty much the standard outfit on a daily basis.  Uggs, black leggings, oversized white V-Neck hanes shirt, black North Face (i’ve got columbia) jacket, huge purse, bug sunglasses, black bra (you can’t see that) and a tiffany (no, mine’s not real) necklace.  The first place we went did not actually believe I was in costume and made me pay 3 bucks to get in, hence the bad mood.  I even have a jersey bump.  I mean comeon, I would NEVER wear that outfit in public.  Alas, I lost.  Anyway, hope you all had a great weekend.  I officially have calmed down and life is better, lol. 


2 thoughts on “Back to the real world… sorta

  1. Me too.. no one warned me that PCS'ing would be this emotional. Don't get me wrong, I'm a basketcase sometimes anyway.. but this is just crazy. I can't wait for normal 2 week period where all hell doesn't break loose at this point, maybe February.

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