A very boring saturday..

I’ve been fairly productive today.  I made a pot of chicken noodles soup a batch of chicken enchiladas and some cupcakes.  Now, I’m finishing up the laundry except I have this distinct feeling that I’m not going to put it away.  Superman is probably going to have to help but he’s at work today.  Then I ran to base and dropped off dinner for him and put gas in the car.

That’s all I’ve done today, literally, yet I still feel incredibly productive.

Ok onto something I’ve never done before, I’m going to share my recipes with you because I believe in super easy, cheap, quick, tasty cooking.  There are a few things that scare me when I cook… making soup and undercooked chicken (notice both my dishes have chicken).

Shopping List:
1 can red enchilada sauce ($1)
1 can green enchilada sauce ($1)
2 lbs of chicken breasts ($2.50)
1 can of carrots (<$1)
1 package of slow cooker spice packet for chicken noodle soup (<$1)
1 bag shredded cheese ($1.50)
1 bag of taco shells, I used burrito sized. ($1)
1 bag wide egg noodles ($1)
1 bag of taco seasoning ($1)
Grand Total – about $10 at the commissary

See that? EASY.

Chicken Noodle Soup
The package says 5 cups of water… I used 8 and didn’t lose flavor. Cut up chicken (1lb or so) and cook on medium/low for about an hour with seasoning packet and carrots.  Add white pepper (or black, or hell, both!).  Add more water when you realize it’s got a LOT of flavor.  Add egg noodles and simmer on low for about 10-15 minutes.  THE END.  Check that out, totally awesome, super easy, and cheap.  I use canned carrots because a) I don’t really like carrots and b) the last time I tried to use regular carrots they never softened up and I got mad.  Add whatever other veggies you want, I’m not a real big fan of lots of veggies in my soup.

Chicken Enchiladas
Preheat oven to 350.  Cook cubed chicken (1lb) in taco seasoning until the seasoning is basically gone.  Put 1/2 can of red enchilada sauce in frying pan, heat to low.  Dip taco shell in sauce (front and back) fill with chicken and cheese.  Roll up chicken burritos and put in some type of oven cooking pan.  Lay in pan side-by-side cover with the other half of the red sauce and the green sauce (i used 1/4 of the can) and then cover in cheese.  Put in oven and “bake” for 15-20 minutes… probably less but I like them to be really gooey.

Check out how easy and quick all of that is.  The chicken noodle is some type of slow cooker recipe but I just wanted the seasoning packet, it’s easier than bouillon.  I also make sure there are extras of everything because we live off leftovers when he’s at work.  I own more tupperware than plates, but I did that before the AF.  We used to make these huge meals and put them in the fridge and eat them for the next week.  You’d open the fridge and there would just be so much food in there.  Since we were on opposite schedules then, it was the easiest way to eat dinner, lunch, whatev without stopping for fast food.  I still like cooking that way.  I’m far more excited these days when I buy meat at the commissary for CHEAP.  Love that place.

Now, back to laundry and NCIS.  Hope your Saturday night is far more popular than mine.


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