The day BEFORE vets day….

So I make no guarantees that I’ll make a post tomorrow.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate our veterans… I have plenty of them in my family, which is probably why it’s not that big of a deal to me.  You know what tomorrow is to me?  My mom and stepdad’s anniversary.  Guess who’s a veteran? (not mom)

Anyway, there are some other sweet places who are doing that vet’s food thing tomorrow.  TGIFridays, Famous Dave’s, Outback, Someone’s giving away a free beer but I don’t remember who it is.  You know what, I’m pretty sure everyone is, if you’re working on a budget I would recommend the one’s who are giving away free entree’s and not discounts or free beers (duh).

I’m still working on my free Christmas cards for the fam.  I really need to get that done this week and have them shipped.  The trick is that he’s just not interested and I would like him to help, lol.  Never fails, he doesn’t care about our Christmas cards and I don’t blame him.

My mom shipped my fall-swap package to me.  In the course of moving and stuff I had it sent to her.  I’m so excited to get it, I’ll post pictures on Friday or Sunday.  She’s, of course, already opened it… plus I made her tell me what was in it.  I’ve gotta start working on my secret santa swap package at Wife of a Sailor

I haven’t had much to say lately because I’ve been busy making new FRIENDS.  There are plenty of people who would like to make friends with you but you have to actually make contact with some of them.  I hid for about 3 weeks.  Between seasonal depression and missing my dog I just didn’t want to deal with most people.  So far I’ve met about 12 people that I’ve run into some way or another in person now.  They’re all pretty cool.  I’ve been to houses and watched tv with one, I’ve been to a birthday party and a coffee play date (yeah, I don’t have kids but whatever) and I went to lunch with someone.  I like meeting people and playing with kids and eating and having a good time but my favorite part, playing with their pets.  I wish I was kidding, there is something therapeutic about petting a dog.  I like people but I really miss my dog.  I’ve played with 4 dogs now and I’ve loved all of them (I’ve liked all the people too, hopefully they liked me too).  Oh and after my lunch date, stopped by housing and found out we’re 120.  We started at 168 so we are making strides.  I’m sure it’ll happen right around Christmas when there is a ton of snow!  Why?  Because that’s how lucky I am.

OK, so lesson of the day, when you go to a new base/post/whatever you people call them, go ACTUALLY meet people.  You can’t hide in your house, apartment, hotel, whatever.  You have to meet people.  It’s okay to ask them out or ask them if you can come to some get together.  What’s the worst that’s going to happen?  They say no?  Oh well, we are adults, we get over things.


2 thoughts on “The day BEFORE vets day….

  1. Next time you gotta meet my doggies. They'd love you. 🙂 And don't think hiding for three weeks is bad. Hello! I've been here for almost two YEARS and it took moving onto base for people to actually want to hangout/ for me to want to hangout with people. 🙂

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