Jonathon Taylor Thomas and other 90’s celebrities

So, on my fill-in I announced (proudly) that my crush was JTT.  A couple people responded enthusiastically that they were also in love with JTT.

So here’s your eye candy for the day ladies.  I found a web site that had a “where are they now” theme.  There are some others too (Andrew Keegan, Scott Wolf, Devon Sawa, the Hanson kids, A VERY hot Jonathan Jackson and the trainwreck known as Kris Kross).  It even has some updates about their lives like emmy’s, domestic violence, and movies we didn’t even know they were in.  I highly recommend it.

Still hot and apparently a smoker these days.  WHO CARES?!

On a side note, I dislike North Dakota but come to find out it’s one of those places where you find the little pleasures because there aren’t really big pleasures.  We went to a holiday showcase for Pride of Dakota at the state fair grounds.  We found all kinds of kitchy craft things and a lot of wine/alcohol/food.  So we also found this AMAZING kettle corn and Kuchen (custard pie with stuff in it).  But the coolest thing we found was FLAVORED VODKA.  Yeah, at a holiday showcase we had vodka and wine.  There is something called a chokecherry and they use it as a flavoring for all kinds of things (like VODKA).  Yeah, I was drinking flavored vodka at 11am.  Anyway, they mix it with coke and it tastes just like diet cherry coke (with vodka!).  The also mix a rhubarb vodka with lemonade and it’s delicious.  I don’t even know what rhubarb is!  I’ve heard of it but we don’t eat things like that in Indiana.  Rhubard is on the no-fly list.  It’s an old people’s dessert.  Anyway, the company that sells this stuff is also a winery, Maple River Distillery (and winery).  They also won some type of international award for their strawberry rhubarb wine in Indianapolis for fruit wines.  We bought some, it was delicious.  I even got some chocolate covered potato chips!  Anyway, what a fun morning, hope everyone’s having a good Saturday.


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